Denver Angels invests in two outstanding Colorado companies per quarter. To better understand if your company is a fit for investment, please review the criteria below.


Strong Founders

We invest in companies with strong leadership teams.

Industry Verticals


We focus on Consumer Products and FinTech companies but invest across a wide array of industries.

Colorado Based

Market Validation

We invest in companies where the executive team is operating from Colorado. The rest of the company can be distributed.

Colorado Flag.png

We need to see some level of market validation, through existing

revenue and Year over Year (YoY) growth.

Clear Exit Strategy

We invest in companies with a well defined and clear path towards a merger, acquisition, or IPO.

Large Market

World Market.png

We invest in companies going after a large Total Addressable Market (TAM).


Showcase Your Company

We find that the best investment opportunities come through referrals. The ideal way to have your opportunity put in front of the group is through a referral to a manager or member. If that is not possible, show your opportunity to Directors by completing our showcase form.