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Denver Angels, a private investment group, invests in the next generation of great companies across Colorado.



Denver Angels purpose is to create an ecosystem where individual investors can participate in some of the best opportunities in Colorado, and great Colorado companies can receive local capital. We focus primarily on growth-stage companies showing demonstrable traction.

The initial screening criteria are $500,000+ in Trailing Twelve-Month (TTM) sales, consistent monthly growth, and the ability to grow 200%+ Year over Year (YoY) with funding.

Investor ​members and directors source companies across Colorado and choose eight to twelve companies to invest in per year. We select the fastest-growing companies that are offering the best terms.

Directors commit to investing their capital in the company first. After committing, directors circulate the opportunity with the investment group, who then make their own decision.


How it Works for Companies

Denver Angels invests in Seed + and Series A rounds. Our group syndicates our investment, where investors pool money into one LLC and typically invest between $200,000 to $1,000,000 as one check from the group.

Denver Angels is different from most angel groups. The directors will commit to investing in the company's round before circulating the round with investor members.

Getting a commitment from the directors is the equivalent of going on Shark Tank with a shark already backing the company. This method leads to the chosen companies guaranteed to receive funding. The final investment amount depends on overall group interest.

How it Works for Investors

To join the investor group, an investor must receive an invite from a member and be approved by a director. If you’re an investor interested in investing in fast-growth Colorado companies, please contact us for more information or have another investor member refer you to one of the directors.


There are no fees to be a member. The requirements are that you have an active intent to invest and commit to responsiveness with your interest in investment syndications.

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There are opportunities to be a "lead investor" for investors who want to get more involved with sourcing, diligence, and post-company support (including board seats). For more information contact one of the directors.

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The group requires investor members to be accredited through the SEC definition. In good news, for non-accredited investors, the SEC has changed the definition of accreditation to allow non-accredited investors to test in as an accredited investor.






Each year, eight to twelve investment opportunities are circulated to the group. Members choose whether to invest in some or all of the opportunities circulated.

Each deal is syndicated, where investor members pool money into an LLC. The minimum investment per investor in each syndicate is $5,000. Investor members typically invest a range of $5,000 to $150,000 per member based on their portfolio allocation.

From pooling individual member investments, the group as a whole typically invests between $200,000 to $1,000,000 into each opportunity circulated to the group.

Over time investor members can build a diversified investment portfolio of companies. As the investor base continues to grow, the average group check will also continue to increase.